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hidayat: aqiqah

alhamdulillah yesterday’s aqiqah went pretty smoothly! props to my family for making the effort to conduct such an amazing aqiqah ceremony & celebration for our baby hidayat. we had UBE to cater our food and of course, everything tasted so … Continue reading

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blessed, are you?

some people are just really blessed, while others, aren’t as much. remember when i mentioned in my previous post, the fact that i haven’t been feeling grateful enough? indeed, i haven’t. i’m actually putting all the blame on my hormones, … Continue reading

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tak sedar diri

humans. ever noticed how there’s always something we’re not satisfied with? let’s say- one day, i feel like having a deserving serving of ‘meehun tomyam’ at secret recipe after a really tiring work session. i have ‘ngam ngam’ amount of … Continue reading

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#zueisback penang

tough game for a new mama right here. went over to penang for a show on tuesday! it was for usm penang’s convex 2017, and in all honesty, it was pretty exhausting for a chick who was practically stuck at … Continue reading

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dah pantang memantang: v

here i am, receiving a good back massage from bik ana (a good one, yes, but rather distracted one too since she’s simultaneously watching her favourite indonesian sinetron on her phone- ah maids and youtube nowadays). today will be my … Continue reading

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dah pantang memantang: iv

here are some notes, reminding myself that i should be convinced with my maternal instincts: i am convinced that.. my child does not sleep at night because he has yet to settle down with the worldly bodyclock. i’ve tried cutting … Continue reading

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disini jelasnya kebenaran yang terungkai setelah lamanya  terpahat pada mahligai pohon ku kekuatan kiranya ku kau simpan disini jelasnya kebenaran yang terungkai hinakah aku hingga kau menista? segalanya ku kerah demi yang terindah kau tetap menatap gambaran yang parah tidak … Continue reading

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